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OPENING CONFERENCE: Will transport prices rise to the sky?

Oct 12, 2022 | 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


Wednesday 12 October, 09:00 - 10:00 The supply chain world has entered a process that has been unavoidable for several years: faced with an exploding transport demand, transport operators, both onshore (road) and offshore (sea, air), can no longer keep up. There are many reasons for this: lack of drivers, poor allocation of transport equipment - whether voluntary or not - new regulations, sustainable development issues, etc. Added to this, of course, are the soaring oil prices, leaving an oil-dependent sector without alternatives, the Covid crisis and the war in Ukraine. As a result, the supply/demand imbalance has never been so favourable to transporters (all modes combined). Prices have never been so high. But are we at the beginning of an uninterrupted upward cycle or are we going to see a reversal of the balance of power? Are we moving towards new forms of transport organisation among manufacturers and distributors? To open the 30th edition of Top Transport Europe, Jean-Paul Meyronneinc will seek answers to these questions, with the help of Jérôme de Riqlès, Senior Liner Shipping Expert, Upply and Xavier Villetard, Directeur associé BP2R . Hosted by Jean-Paul Meyronneinc With Jérôme de Riqlès, Senior Liner Shipping Expert, Upply et Xavier Villetard, Directeur associé BP2R

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