Top Transport Europe

Opening conférence

Oct 12, 2022 | 11:30 AM - 12:05 PM


Part 1 : The challenges of the transport industry Part 2 : Will the transport costs ​keep on rocketing ? The Covid crisis has accelerated a process that has been inescapable for several years: faced with an exploding demand for transport, transport operators, both onshore (road) and offshore (sea, air), can no longer keep up. The reasons are plural : lack of drivers, misallocation of transport equipment - whether it is intentional - new regulations, sustainable development issues… And of course, on top of it, is the surge in oil prices, leaving a sector that massively depends on petrol with no other alternative. The result ? Never has the offer / demand imbalance ever been so favourable to the hauliers (all modes combined). Never have the priced been so high. Are we only at the beginning of a constant incremental cycle or will we see an invertion of the balance of power ? Are we heading towards new forms of transport organisation from manufacturers and distributors ?

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