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TAB Rail Road is a transport company using the road rail combined transport technique. Leader in France. 4 agencies in France: Créteil, Saint Jean de Vedas, Saint Thibery and Toulouse. A fleet of more than 1,050 swap bodies A turnover of more than 58 million euros in 2021 and 200 people in France. With the use of rail over the long distance, the Combined Rail Road Transport (TCRR) technique offers many environmental advantages:  85% reduction in CO2 emissions => TAB RAIL ROAD, it's 37,000 Tons of CO2 saved in 2021  57% reduction in energy consumption  Decongestion of major highways  A very low accident rate If we add the benefits of BioNGV on the first and last kilometers, it is an additional gain with:  90% reduction in particulate emissions  Noise reduction  Renewable energy Open Modal is a committed group, aware in the broad sense of its impact on its environment: 1 – Its environmental impact: Organizations structured to understand, raise awareness and measure this impact: ISO 14001 Innovative equipment: Clean fleets TAB Rail Road, on the CNG route 100% electric rail traction Energy-efficient wagons Dematerialized systems: Dematerialization of invoices Dematerialization of transport documents 2 – Its societal impact: Towards our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and customers, but also more broadly, the TCRR sector. Involvement of the French and European body for the development of the TCCR (GNTC)

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