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Be part of the ecosystem in 2022

The objective? To promote you to shippers and the transport ecosystem.

To do this, we are setting up 2 original systems: 
  • A series of mini interviews: 3 questions to which the partners answer and which we relay on our social networks, our newsletters... 

  • A media kit to announce your presence at the event. What does it consist of? A set of banners on which you can insert your logo, then relay it on social networks and your communications before the event. 

Partners practical guide

Find all the information you need in our partners practical guide

Increase your visibility through sponsorship!

  • The networking cocktail on Wednesday evening (talks, advertising banners, easels, logos, invitations, ...), 
  • The official events bags distributed to all participants, - Badge lanyards worn by delegates throughout the event, 
  • The floor tiles with your booth number and a directional arrow, - Your logo on our website and/or on the event’s map,
  • Your banner on our website and/or on 1 marketing campaign, 
  • The meetings book distributed to each participant with 1 page advert or exclusive sponsorship, 
  • The permanent coffee-break (advertising banner, goodies, on screen visibility, …), 
  • Distribution of goodies gift

Pick the marketing opportunities that best match your needs and stay in touch with the leading industry players: 
  • An audience of 10,000 guests through our emailing campaigns 
  • Over 5,000 visitors on our website during the event’s promotion 
  • Over 350 professionals attending Top Logistics Europe 
 For more information and to receive our full sponsorship pack, please contact Marc PLANTON: [email protected]


 It is critical that you follow your meetings schedule meticulously to ensure the event run smoothly and avoid any time conflicts. The organizer are here to help answer any questions you may have during the event. Please note that you will be able to plan meetings even during the event on our matchmaking platform.

The One to One meetings aim at offering participants the opportunity to build and strengthen trade relationships through a planned meetings schedule and informal meetings. 
Unlike traditional trade event, we know where to find a delegates according to the meetings they have planned, should you wish to meet at specific person during TTE.
Do not hesitate to come and see us at the reception. We will tell you : 
 • either the number of the stand where the person you are looking for is located, 
 • or we will introduce you directly to him/her because we are able to identify and locate your contact person quickly. 


 Your appointment calendar will be online on September 16. It is likely to evolve until the D-day of the event and will be permanently consultable from your personal space where you will be able to visualize all your appointments in real time. We recommend that you enter and validate your cell phone number so that you can receive any notification related to your agenda (new appointment, cancellation...) and thus have an updated version of your appointments. 


Your agenda will be set up exclusively on a reciprocal basis. Your appointment requests will have to be validated by the shippers in order for an appointment to be scheduled, and you will also have to accept or decline the requests you receive in order for them to be taken into account. 
If you do not have an appointment with a charger who has accepted your request or whose request you have accepted, it is because his or her agenda is full and no joint time slot is available. From then on, you can use the online platform to send him a message and/or make a new appointment request. You can also come and ask us at the reception desk and we will tell you the number of the booth where the person you are looking for is located or we will introduce you to them directly. 


We recommend requesting at least 30 meetings to maximise the number of meetings planned on your agenda. You can decline up to 3 Guest demands, otherwise the performance obligation on which we guarantee a minimum of 8 meetings can no longer be met.

Two reservation centers are available in Marseille: 
  • Les Taxis Marseillais Tel (24h/24-7j/7) : 04 91 92 92 92 
  • Taxis Radio Marseille Tel (24h/24-7j/7) : 04 91 02 20 20 Cab drop-offs and pick-ups are done at the entrance of the garden, it is not possible for cabs to enter the garden. 

VTC : Phocea VTC : Tel : 04 86 77 81 81